Work Incentive Planning Assistance (WIPA)

The WIPA program assists individuals who are receiving SSI or SSDI benefits and are interested in returning to work. The qualified staff show the individual how their benefits will be affected when working. WIPA services puts emphasis on helping beneficiaries plan for employment, access services and supports needed to make employment possible. Sometimes going to work allows an individual to keep part or all of their benefit check and remain working. There are incentives which are given to those who are on SSI and SSDI benefits. These work incentives allow individuals to make a difference and step up to the next level of bettering their life. The following specific services are provided:

1. Advisement geared toward encouraging work for beneficiaries who are interested in or actively seeking employment.

2. Emphasis on helping beneficiaries become more independent and plan for employment using work incentives and other supports needed to make employment possible. 3. WIPA staff (CWIC) Community Work Incentive Coordinators, work to provide the beneficiary with a full circle of resources to obtain, and sustain employment and works collaboratively with vocational services.

4. The CWIC works with beneficiary support systems to manage benefits and develop work incentives.

Who To Speak To

Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living will be handling all WIPA related cases. The local contact person will be housed at RICV for your convenience.
Fresno, Madera, Merced, Kings, Tulare Counties
Luis Aldaco-Glass - 559-221-2330 Ext.32