Assemblyman Patterson Community Coffee Friday 8/7/15

System Change Advocate Charity Tokash attended a Community Coffee that was hosted by Assemblyman Jim Patterson.

Systems change advocacy addresses issues related to individuals with disabilities including, but not limited to: Housing, Transportation, Access, Employment, and Health. Community leadership is developed by involving people with disabilities into action on issues effecting the disability community.



Resources for Independence Central Valley has formulated Disability Advocacy Teams in Fresno and Visalia. The purpose of these teams is to meet every month to tackle an issue pertinent to their local disability community, while learning about advocacy, disability legislation, and other efforts to participate in. Each team has begun their work by identifying the first topic they will address.


Initial Goals

Merced: To have a better informed community about resources and services which are available to/for individuals with disabilities.

Fresno: To create a positive perception of people with disabilities.

Visalia: To improve Transportation services in Tulare County. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Disability Capitol Action Day a success!