A core component of RICV’s services include Advocacy:


  • Providing information to people with disabilities about their human rights
    and identifying instances of discrimination.
  •  Assisting people with disabilities to uphold their rights by speaking with
    and writing to people and organizations to raise awareness of problems
    and seek solutions.
  •  Helping people with disabilities learn to advocate within complaint
    processes or legal action to enforce their human rights.
  •  Writing submissions and educating the government to encourage
    changes that promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities.
  •  Campaigning for social change by speaking to the media to raise
    awareness and highlighting situations where people with disabilities are
    treated unfairly. Currently, RICV remains focused on upcoming elections. There continues to
    be work on housing and transportation advocacy, with RICV working closely with city and county governments throughout the Central Valley.

At the state level, RICV is working closely with CFILC and the DOnetwork on
systems change issues throughout California.


Disability Advocacy Team (DAT)
Get Empowered and Get Involved! Advocacy cannot happen without
involvement. Participate in the Disability Advocacy Team meetings.  These
meetings currently take place virtually on the Zoom platform, allowing
everyone to participate, learn more about advocacy, and understand how
advocacy can empower both ourselves and our communities.
“Nothing About Us, With Out US!
DAT Meetings: Every 2nd & 4th Thursday’s at 3:30pm
Contact Rebecca Donabed rdonabed@ricv.org

What is Individual or Self-Advocacy and Systems Advocacy?
Individual or Self-Advocacy: an individual’s ability to effectively
communicate, convey, negotiate, or assert their own interest, desires, needs,
and rights. Self-advocacy means understanding one’s own strengths and
needs, identifying personal goals, knowing legal rights and responsibilities,
and the ability to communicate these to others.
Systems Advocacy: Working to create change in policies, laws, rules
impacting how someone lives their life. These efforts can be targeted at a
local, state, or national level. Example target areas: accessible transportation,
affordable housing and/or voting rights.